8 additional benefits of moldings

“Beauty is in simplicity” is a phrase You have definitely heard a lot. A vast majority agrees and chooses a minimalistic style almost everywhere. We tend to minimalism in choosing our clothes, creating content for our Instagram pages, and of course, around us, for the environment, we live in or find ourselves a lot. And it is not surprising that we choose minimalism while looking for interior design solutions.
Nowadays, the interior in a minimalistic style is absolutely a trend. And there are a lot of ways to achieve minimalism in interior design. Choosing moldings is a variant we should not omit.

Of course, the symmetrical arrangement of moldings complements the interior with hints of classics, and that is why we associate moldings with classic style. However, besides expressing the delicacy of the interior, moldings do have additional benefits.

So, let's get acquainted with the 8 benefits of moldings!

1. Moldings are eco-friendly.
Moldings made of eco-friendly gypsum mixture with strengthening additives don’t emit harmful substances: they neither pollute the environment nor harm human health.

2. Moldings are long-lasting.
Gypsum moldings are considered to be the most long-lasting. And who wants temporary material? The renovated house should last long!

3. Moldings are easily correctable, installed, and transformed into any size.
In case of slight damages, it is possible to correct them quickly. Note that moldings are hand-crafted, packed, and do not require additional processing on site. They are mounted with gypsum glue and, if necessary, can be easily transformed into any size.
Well, the joints are easily processed with a solution.

4. Moldings attract attention and hide imperfections.
Everyone is well aware that some defects are possible after repairs, and they can usually be eliminated by starting only with scratches.
This problem can be easily masked with moldings. After installation, the walls look smoother. Since moldings easily attract attention, imperfections will become unnoticed.

5. Moldings create visual volume in space.
Moldings are usually installed on finished walls in horizontal, vertical, or repeating block patterns. The way to install depends on the effect you want to achieve. The creation of a visual volume is what definitely guaranteed with moldings.

6. Moldings create the illusion of a high ceiling in space.
Moldings are often used to visually increase the height of ceilings.
For this, the lower third of the wall can be painted in a dark color and decorated with decorative elements. If the top of the wall matches the color of the ceiling, the feeling of high ceilings will be created.

7. Moldings serve as a zoning element.
Plants, furniture, floor material, and other elements can be used as zoning elements. Moldings also can visually separate different parts of a space serving as a zoning element.

8. Moldings emphasize the uniqueness of the design.
Moldings can become the central element of a design and break the monotonousness of the interior. For this, they are painted with light or contrast colors creating an eye-catching image on the wall.

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All in all, if something is missing in the interior, then you can complete it by touching your walls with moldings. Not only will moldings soften the environment, but also add classic notes to the interior.