About Us

Who We Are

A successful business bases on 2 fundamental keys: a team of good specialists and founders’ sympathetic attitude towards the job and employees. Wall Deco is an advanced company, which prevailing key of success is the ambition of creating new and making the world fancier. In that reason Wall Deco has a fame of dynamic company of innovative trials, struggling to realize every design idea, prosperous and flexible company.

As mentioned above, Wall Deco team work to bring each design idea to fruition. That was the reason to have long discussions over the performing material combine an artisanal production with high quality finishes obtained from innovative processes. Therefore, the production will satisfy the multiple requests of designers, allowing them to take care of their drawings in the best possible way. The choice stopped at gypsum mixture, which gives us the opportunity to work through various production methods and get the look of every form even in the smallest volume to be available in residential and commercial applications.

Wall Deco’s production targets 3 main products: 3D panel, bas-relief and printography. The last two are our newest product lines, which manufacturing technique’s monopoly belongs to us. They became a perfect complement to our family of wall panels. Taking into consideration our company’s competence and seriousness to the job, we are trusted by the international level design studios and by the customers from different parts of the world. We finished a range of projects in more than 10 countries.

How Was Wall Deco Set Up?

This exclusive idea belongs to Wall Deco’s Art Director Hovnan Shahbazian, who has been engaged in design since 2002, being co-founder of Futuris Architect design studio. Hovnan keeps looking for ways to be improved. There he stopped at making handmade relief walls in interior. The designer ended up first samples by experimenting various forms and conferring with painters and famed sculptors.

In 2013 Hovnan together affords with his business-partner Suren Movsisian, who’s an engineer by profession, set up Wall Deco company. Company’s fortune is absolutely based on own experiments and failors, as the sphere was not investigated, and there was lack of reference and examples to follow. After long consultations, discoveries and attempts, set up a company, which gave an exclusive product, high quality, eco-friendly material making a fuss in the world of interior design.

Each project is challenging for our team, which finish is a new achievement, a new source of motivation for our further development.

Our Mission

Creating an attractive and impressive environment is our leading mission.

Our Vision

We strive to become the most prominent company in the industry of interior design.