WD WORKSHOP: Get To Know Wall Deco

To say that every great idea is born to solve a problem is to say nothing. Though Wall Deco’s showroom is always open for all visitors, having a tour with every visitor during different parts of the day is time-consuming and not always possible to manage. This led to questions concerning the company and the production increase day by day.

The “WD WORKSHOP: Get To Know Wall Deco” event idea is just the result of solving the above-described problem. The event was oriented to know more about Wall Deco. Besides, the company gave an exclusive opportunity to visit the workshop, which is always closed to any visitor.

And here, the day has come!

For the first time, on August 13, the “WD WORKSHOP: Get To Know Wall Deco” event took place. It was difficult to choose 30 participants from 150 applicants!

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The event consisted of several parts:

Part 1: The idea of the company
In the entry part, the Wall Deco team introduced the creation idea of the company, the failures, and the level-ups of more than 10 years of experience.

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Part 2: Product lines
In this part, the team introduced the main product lines: 3D panels, bas-reliefs, printography, moldings, and cornices. The team gave as much information as possible about the characteristic features of the products, highlighting the advantages of using the product in various interiors and locations.

Part 3: Showroom tour
In this part, the visitors had a tour of the showroom, discovering where, how, and in which conditions it is better to install 3D panels, bas-reliefs, or printography. Besides, they got acquainted with the problems moldings and cornices can solve when used in designing interiors.

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Part 4: Production process (including the installation process)
In this part, the Wall Deco team led the visitors to Wall Deco’s workshop. Young designers and architects were curious about how the company produces 3D panels or bas-reliefs and how we turn the 3D panel to printography to make the wall panel moisture-resistant and give an aesthetic wood, leather, or metallic texture. In this part, the visitors had a chance to see the installation process. Wall Deco’s head of the installation team had already prepared everything to show the detailed installation process.

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Part 5: Question-answer and discussions
The final stage was a great discussion, and the team answered all the questions of the designers and architects.

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And, of course, we couldn’t miss a chance to give something memorable and valuable to our visitors as a gift so they can go on creating something new and exclusive in the design sphere.

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The designer-centered company Wall Deco highly appreciates the interest of young architects and designers in eco-friendly, gypsum 3D panels, bas-reliefs or moldings, and cornices for using them in interior design projects.

To sum up, we consider the event a great asset to young designers' and architects’ prospective careers as a valuable entry for future collaborations with the Wall Deco company. The original and exclusive product is a visiting card for an architect or a designer to transform any interior into an aesthetic and attractive atmosphere in their upcoming projects

Wall Deco is not about the beauty and comfort of the interior. Wall Deco is about giving some mood and emotion to the impressive environment.