Interior Design Unique Solutions with Wall Deco Products

Interior design is an integral part of any space. Wall Deco products combine various design directions and reflect current trends in modern style. Thanks to such elements, the interior becomes stylish and unique.
If you think about adding something unusual to your space and bringing an individual character, 3D wall panels, bas-reliefs, or printography will become your assistants. In such a variety, everyone can get confused. “Which option to choose for a particular area?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. In this article, we will try to answer it and discuss the benefits of each product.


The main factor in choosing kitchen interior design is functionality and practicality. For this reason, the best decision when choosing a decorative panel, in this case, is printography. Its advantages are moisture resistance and impact resistance. The outer shell adheres to the panel and protects from moisture. Besides, you can choose any coating - wood, metal, leather, stone, and others.
Today, minimalism, neoclassicism, and eco-styles are considered to be trendy. The most common are shades of beige and gray, and as a bright accent, blue, red, or yellow panel colors can be used. Most often, panels are used in the cooking area in addition to the decor: the purpose is to protect the walls. It is essential to note that you can easily remove any contamination on the surface.

Unique Solutions Model - PM-30
Unique Solutions Model - PM-25
Unique Solutions Model - PM-26


Most people associate this zone with warmth, coziness, and comfort. In the bedroom, you can use absolutely any version of decorative panels since, in this case, special conditions are not required for their durability. Another advantage of panels is sound and heat insulation. You can be calm: no one will disturb your sleep.
Many bedrooms are monochrome, that's why a decorative panel can add a touch of class without being overbearing to the eye. This zone is dominated by neutral and warm tones such as gray, white, beige, and brown.
LED lighting can be an additional element to a decorative wall.
The play of light allows you to consider the wall in different variations. This addition is combined with any interior style. Among the latest trends are minimalism, Scandinavian style as well as neoclassicism.

Unique Solutions Model - M-48
Unique Solutions Model - Aran
Unique Solutions Model - Bouquet


The office design reflects the company's image, which is why it is worth choosing it with high responsibility. When deciding on a design element, it is of great importance to take into account the comfort of employees because they spend a significant part of their time at work. Orientation should be aimed at conditions that increase efficiency and do not prevent employees from concentrating on their tasks. Another factor is the impression of customers about the company. Oftener, it is the office that can positively or negatively influence this.
Portraits/images of prominent personalities or historical figures can serve as inspiration at work. Below are the embodiments of this idea with the help of bas-reliefs.
From the point of view of practicality, the use of printography, bas-reliefs, or 3D panels is suitable in the office. It should be based solely on individual preferences. Adherents of minimalism are most likely to suit 3D panels and printography. Thanks to them, the workplace will be fascinating, but at the same time, nothing will distract employees from their work. Bas-reliefs, on the other hand, can be the main focus in the office or at the reception: they will definitely not go unnoticed and will attract the admiring glances of people. Designers prefer gray, blue, and brown tones, and minimalism, hi-tech, and eclecticism are common among styles.

Unique Solutions Model - PM-22
Unique Solutions Model - Monte
Unique Solutions Model - Devils Advocate


As in the case of the kitchen, when choosing wall decor for the bathroom, moisture resistance and impact resistance are of great importance. It is better to choose calm and natural tones - white, brown, gray, beige, green, and blue. You can make an accent thanks to the various textures presented in the printography line. A bathroom is, first and foremost, a place of calm and relaxation. Therefore, you can use patterns that represent nature or the elements. However, some prefer bright and accented interiors. In this case, you can move away from the classic shades and give free rein to your imagination by choosing a bas-relief or custom-made printography.
The bas-relief in the bathroom can only be used if you install it in a non-damp area of the room. Among the trendy styles are minimalism, eco, loft, and classic.

Unique Solutions Model - PM-24
Unique Solutions Model - Scent of Nature

The dominant trend of all time is environmental friendliness.
Wall Deco uses only environmentally friendly materials in the production of decorative panels because sustainability in design plays a key role.
Decorative panels will fit into any interior and do not require complex installation. You can install some of the models yourself, and in other cases, our specialists will help you.

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Written by Sona Ohanyan