Why Is Coloring So Important in Residential Areas? (06.29.2020)

Choosing the right color is one of the most essential elements of interior design and it’s not an easy process. Colors affect our mood and emotions changing the overall atmosphere of the environment. It does not matter what kind of area it is all about, colors must always be right-chosen and appropriate.Color usage in residential areas is somehow different from the rest of the cases. There are many to follow for a great interior design solution and color combination.

Color Wheel

While talking about colors you can never miss out the color theory which is best depicted on the color wheel. Color wheel is a scheme of colors to help you create the right combination. In other words, it’s the color theory itself. Color wheel is a tool widely used among designers which helps avoid mistakes in interior design.

Understanding the color wheel you can easily choose colors for your home. The black arrows on the scheme show the 3 primary colors- red, yellow and blue. These colors go well with each other. It is not possible to get the primary colors from a mixture of other colors. But you can get any other color from the mixture of these 3 natural colors. Gray arrows show so-called secondary colors. You can get them from the mixture of the colors next to each other (for example you can get orange and its shades by mixing the red and yellow).

As a rule colors in front of each other on the scheme make the best combination together. For example, you can combine yellow with purple, orange with blue, green with red, etc.).

Choosing right colors for your home

Colors can make a huge emotional impact on a man. Each color has its meaning, usage limitations and may bring different moods. People usually have various tastes in interior design. Some of them prefer to use light colors to bring the environment brightness and positive sense while others like dark colors. It’s very important to be able to choose the right colors as they make the environment look large or small. For example, you can make small rooms look bigger using colors like green, blue or purple. Red, orange and yellow bring some energy to the environment. Working correctly with each color shade is of high importance as it can help you combine light and shadow. For example, blue is known as a relaxing color, especially its light shades. In interior design, it is often used in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Applying different shades of the same color is a good idea for a great color scheme at home. In modern interior design it’s common to use bright colors at the kitchen such as green or yellow. Dark colors (black, brown, etc.) make the environment look smaller in contrast to neutral colors (white, light green, gray, etc.).

If you are about to get a contrast of colors you can use the ones next to each other on the color wheel. It looks beautiful mostly in the environments designed with moldings.

By the way, painting the ceiling with a lighter color than the color of walls can make the room look wider. To make the room look smaller paint one of the walls with a dark color.

Nevertheless, if you are having trouble understanding the right combination of colors try discussing it with a professional designer, look for ideas to visually imagine the future look of your home. The process of choosing colors must be well thought. Whatever you are about to do, choose colors close to your soul and get the most positive energy out of them.