• Vendor Code: B-23
  • Price: $ 661 (1 m²)
  • Size: according to the order
  • Depth of relief: 40 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture
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The Christian shrine with a rich historical background is called the "Temple of the Vigilant Angels" and is well-known as Zvartnots. It is located near Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Zvartnots dates back to the 7th century and is considered one of the most authoritative architectural monuments of Europe. The well-preserved ruins of stone and the territory around the temple are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Besides, the Armenian Zvartnots is also imprinted in the bas-relief about the history of Noah's Ark, on the wall of the famous Parisian Sainte-Chapelle.
The spiritual strength and the strong faith reflected in the bas-relief ZVARTNOTS admire in any interior or office. Made of an eco-friendly gypsum mixture, the three-dimensional composition Zvartnots fills any interior with harmony and a majestic view. This 3D image awakens the feeling of peace and tranquility in hearts and the desire to visit the temple complex. Even if you are beyond the borders of your Motherland, you will feel at home when indulging in memories or just having a rest near such decor.
For clearer relief, a built-in backlight around the perimeter of the canvas is advisable.