• Vendor Code: B-24
  • Price: $ 661 (1 m²)
  • Size: according to the order
  • Depth of relief: -20 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture
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The medieval complex of Amberd is a magnificent example of Armenian fortification. The three-stored citadel with its stone walls is situated halfway to the top of Aragats and has become one of the symbols of modern Armenia. Amberd and its background nature create a picturesque view that can never be forgotten.
Wall Deco’s designers could not miss this masterpiece of world architecture and as a result of their painstaking work and devotion, the company’s customers have this rare opportunity to admire this view anywhere in the world.
The masterfully implemented 3D panel fits into a living room, bedroom, office, or home office interior design and can be painted in any color. The plaster bas-relief Amberd repeats the outlines of an ancient fortification and creates a feeling of safety and reliable protection, coming from the legendary "fortress in the clouds".