Loft style: from abandoned factories to modern urban apartments (09.21.2020)

What is loft? Where is this term in our vocabulary from? Today we are going to talk around this topic.

We all come across with the term Loft, which literally means upper story or attic in a building, directly under the roof. Currently it is one of the most preferred style of interior design for contemporary designers. If you wish to have unique interior design, you are on the very way.

Firstly, let’s understand where the concept “loft” was derived from and became a unique style for contemporary designers. The idea of Loft comes from the USA. Originating from The West it is occupying other parts of the world. All has begun from the 40s of the 20th century in New York. The expansion of production stimulates the factories and fabrics to be moved to suburban areas. At that time young painters and other bohemians couldn’t afford to rent a house in the city centre. They started to rent the free spaces of the factories with very little money. From this very time loft style grasped the attention of contemporary designers. The letter gave aesthetic solutions, combined with other styles, added light and shadow. Eastern rubs, baroque style furniture, road signs as accessories and made an extraordinary style.

Loft style makes design elements even technical equipment such as the pipes, ducts, ventilation systems, power sockets, other industrial elements, mechanical devices, car devices and so on. These inanimate and often useless items were brought to fruition to tell their own story. Even one can paint those elements with bright colours to be more visible. Besides, Loft style allows the combination of the things of different centuries, cultures and styles. In fact loft is considered to be an “an open space” of the 21st century. If one wants to describe loft style, typical expressions will be open space and infinity of mind. That’s why it’s less possible that we can find 2 similar loft houses. In Loft style the best combination is the application of brick and concrete. Brick has always been used in factory construction. Further on, it became more popular in interior design.

In loft style floor is preferred to be wooden or stone. Wall decoration is also highly important. They should be common but unique, less decorated but attractive. Certainly, the company Wall Deco had to offer own loft design solutions to its sophisticated and expressive customers. So our designers offer exclusive loft design ideas as below.

Idea 1: Isn’t it original to have your own fingerprint on the large living room wall? As furnishing and decorating is quite individual in loft design, what can be more peculiar than your fingerprint? Imagine how shocking it will be for your guests to face this kind of original wall sculpture.

Idea 2: Bas-relief walls are one more daring loft design idea for decorating a large wall in the living- room in Loft style. Bas-reliefs can be painted with various, bright and risky colours. Here the wall sculpture looks like storm which blows through leaves. Depending on lighting system, painted colours every day you can meet different image.

Idea 3: If you have chosen a house designed in loft style and curious about impressive, abrupt and why not wild design solution, here you are on a right way. Hovering over you will come across an innovative and fresh combination of those features. By the way, if you select some warm colour for the wall sculpture(bas-relief) and set cozy fireplace next to it, spectacle will fulfill and you will become fan of that place.

Idea 4: Well, let’s imagine loft style bathroom. Of course here we don’t have variety of choice of bath accessories, but, instead, we have options for wall decorations. Here we provide you hexagon 3D slabs to have different compositions suited in loft style interior design. The model beautifully suits with concrete walls and ceilings. And we can take advantage of colour diversity. Below presented a way of composition.

Idea 5: We bet you didn’t know classical style can work in loft apartment. Well, it can. Here is a what happens when loft design meets classical style. Interior looks settle but luxurious and projects elegance in its simplicity which is the essence of the loft style.