• Vendor Code: B-43
  • Price: $ 328 (1 m²)
  • Size: according to the order
  • Depth of relief: 40 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture
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Stylistic diversity is the main advantage of modern gypsum bas-reliefs due to which they give unique and exclusive character to rooms of any functionality. This optimistic bas-relief, depicting cute owls, makes you smile no matter what and create a tranquil atmosphere in the kids' rooms.
Owls are a dominant youth trend, and recently it has been reflected in accessories, clothes, and even the design of commercial or residential interiors. These charming owls invite you to the room and make the atmosphere serene. It is a great wall design option for kids’ bedrooms, nursery centers, family cafes, and even kitchens or dining rooms. Such 3D pictures are chosen by people who enjoy every single day and look at the world from a certain angle. Made with great love, the 3D bas-relief OWLS from Wall Deco gives positive emotions so lacking in life!