Moisture Resistant
  • Price: $ 160 (1 m²)
  • Size: 300 x 300 x 25 mm
  • Area: 1 item - 0.09 m²
  • Depth of relief: 15 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture and protective layer
  • Weight: 1 m² - 14.15 kg
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Printography results from an idea to create gypsum 3D panels with an additional protective layer. Due to this breaking innovation, our designers extended the selection range. Printography is an advanced method of interior wall cladding, due to which gypsum wall panels with a 3D effect can be installed in humid places.
The difference between traditional 3D panels and printography is the protective layer that is hermetically applied to panels. This makes the product more stylish and improves its characteristics. The diversity of layers makes it possible to imitate high-quality textures that completely repeat natural counterparts: wood, leather, stone, fabric, and metal.

Advantages of Printography for interior:

  • Moisture-resistant: withstands temperature changes,
  • Impact resistant: resistant to mechanical damage or scratches,
  • Easy installation: does not require experience․
The idea of additional layers opens up new perspectives in creating accent walls for interior design. Due to our innovative technology, Wall Deco 3D panels with a protective layer are ideal for creating exclusive and bright interiors in crowded places. It is a great solution for finishing the walls in the bathroom, kitchen, or other areas where there is a high risk of humidity or careless touches. Printography is also suitable for commercial locations’ interiors. This kind of 3D wall panels harmoniously fit into the style of modern offices, boutiques, cafes, and hotels, emphasizing the high status of a business facility.