• Vendor Code: B-44
  • Price: $ 627 (1 m²)
  • Size: according to the order
  • Depth of relief: 80 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture
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The Fountain of the Innocents is one of the architectural treasures of France. The image of the nymphs is designed by the sculptor Jean Goujon and is located on the facade. This sculpture knows every connoisseur of decorative art. Their graceful figures in flowing draperies personify the life-giving power of water and fill the surroundings with a sense of innocence and purity.
The gypsum bas-relief “FOUNTAIN OF INNOCENTS” is a conceptual solution for apartments and offices in a classic style. These exquisite mythical beauties set the tone for the entire interior design, diving into the atmosphere of the luxurious Renaissance period. This 3D wall art captivates with the elegant plasticity of nymphs and their female attractiveness. After all, this bas-relief reminds us about the eternity of true beauty. The vertical orientation of the picture visually changes the architectural proportions, as it "stretches" the ceiling.
Experienced masters of Wall Deco accurately repeat every detail of one of the masterpieces of the world. This wall decor can be made as a single canvas or divided into fragments for different parts of the room.