Moisture Resistant
  • Price: $ 150 (1 m²)
  • Size: 590 x 570 x 28 mm
  • Area: 1 item - 0.336 m²
  • Depth of relief: 18 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture and protective layer
  • Weight: 1 m² - 19.5 kg
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Geometric patterns returned to modern style to emphasize striking and bright features of interior. Geometry plays a vital role in interior design to grasp the observer’s attention even presented in the most simplified images. The usage of geometric patterns on a smooth surface in 3D format became an impulse for the designers to create accent wall panels. One irreplaceable 3D panel is hexagon slabs. This model leaves behind standard finish and promotes an incomplete and blended layout. Hexagon patterns date back to Italian style. So, PM-41 accent wall panels in flat and bulging combination will bring Italian breath to your interior. Our designers’ breaking innovation, 3D panels with protective layer, extends selection range. A range of textures of hexagon accent wall panels in interior even in moisture angles equal to choosing printography.