• Vendor Code: B-32
  • Price: $ 261 (1 m²)
  • Size: according to the order
  • Depth of relief: 10 mm
  • Material: gypsum mixture
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The world of cinema has given us many beauties worthy of adoration and admiration. Apart from all the talented beauties, there is an adorable one named "the most beautiful woman of all time". Her image of delicate beauty and manners will be always associated with elegance in our minds. Fragile, sophisticated Audrey Hepburn became the main symbol of femininity in the twentieth century. Due to her fashion choices and distinctive look, Audrey Hepburn was described as a recognizable brand and became the elegant muse of the Givenchy fashion house. Audrey’s photo, with a cigarette in the mouthpiece, was taken during the legendary film "Breakfast at Tiffany's". It became one of the most popular photos of all time and turned the actress into a style icon for a whole generation.
Inspired by the grace and bravery of Audrey, our designers created the 3D panel of her well-liked portrait. This modern bas-relief is made of an enviranmentally friendly material that gives no harm to anyone, as the star itself.
The gypsum wall panel repeats the delicate facial features of a chiseled figure. Audrey's three-dimensional portrait does not grasp all the attention but only highlights the interior, filling the surrounding with the majestic charm of the golden age of Hollywood.