Panda Yerevan

Ready to appreciate good company and have some time to chill out?
Then a transformed Panda Hookah lounge bar is exactly the place you should go.
The previous Panda Hookah is not only a hookah place now! And here is how the designers of Futuris Architects studio fulfilled the design concept.

Loft style generates in the interior, but the designers tried to keep it in minimalistic style choosing black, white, and grey colors.
When Jon, the CEO of Panda Yerevan, was asked about the main difference between the old Panda and the new one, he said, “The old Panda was founded in 2018, and the main accent was on the hookah. Time flies, and everything changes. Now people are more likely to discover kitchens. That’s why we slightly passed on stressing the bar and the kitchen and the hookah went on the 2nd plan”.

Just as you enter the space, the majestic view of the essential design element opens in front: the bar.
Shining with magenta neon lights, it grasps all the attention of visitors.
A huge and feels like a heavy chandelier right in the central part of a bar hangs from above. Its shape rings a bell of an Asian big hat. And here is where the inspiration came from!

Take a look, and you will notice that the textures and the materials reflect the presence of Asia. In general, the designers achieved the whole Japanese feeling with the help of decors, like Sakura flowers or a small decorative wall inspired by the Japanese doors, let alone the trendy Japanese kitchen sating with its tasty dishes.

The rail lights provide the main lighting. The metal chandeliers that look like dried leaves, play a decorative role rather than supply the environment with lighting. The background lighting is a key for the lounge. And the two chosen background lightings are white and magenta.

The designers wanted to keep the minimalistic style and add white accents to lighten the interior. The cooperation with Wall Deco company implemented their ideas. The individual order was to produce Panda’s logos and install the bas-reliefs in front of each other. White color, white lights, and the interior lit up!
The floor serves as a zoning element between the bar and the whole environment. It was important to choose a long-lasting material as Hookah is much used here. That’s why cream granite was chosen.

The lounge bars are based on comfortableness and, this is not a novelty. For this purpose, the designers chose soft sofas with fluffy pillows for seats to create coziness.
The tabletops are wooden, and the table legs are of metal. Note, they are rather heavy, barely impossible to move!

But what is really possible here, is having a great time with good company able to cheer you up!