Wall Deco, Music and Interior: Make it Superior

For now, turn on your favorite music and enjoy our blog, because there is nothing in the world that cannot be accompanied with music and, in this case, Wall Deco is not an exception.

So, what music will you choose, jazz or rock? I’d choose jazz.

In general, have you noticed that everything around is based on choices? No matter whether you are a person who’s decided to redesign one’s interior or an interior designer working on a project, you may get lost in the mess of choice options.

For creating a superior interior, designers should be well versed in the principles of interior design. There is a latent way to get the drift of the principles: that is connecting the means of output music to interior design elements. Surprisingly, there exists a direct correlation between music and interior design. Music and design reflect emotions, impressions and mood. They share a clear cultural lineage because both are abstract art forms based on rhythm, proportion and harmony.

And now, let us find out what is rhythm, proportion and harmony in the interior design.

Proportionality is the most important link between music and design since proportionality is what gives both beauties. No wonder that the British writer Ken Follet wrote in his book called “The Pillars of the Earth” that “Proportion is the heart of beauty”. It is the shape, the color, the texture.

Just as music represents the audible rhythms, the interior, in its terms, represents visual rhythms. Rhythm is all about repetition, all about constant movement. In music, it’s like your beat. In design, rhythm is the repetition of design elements and helps to create movement within a space. It emphasizes the elements of design by repeating them in an organized manner. The idea is to choose a design element and make it move. Wall Deco’s 3D wall panels are the brightest examples of repetition in the interior. A great part of models is based on repetition and provides your walls with rhythm. This is a way to achieve harmony.

The harmony in the interior is all about feeling, all about listening to music that makes you feel good. Generally, harmony in music refers to multiple pitches played at the same time. For example, in a rock band, the guitarist is mostly responsible for the harmony. Harmony in design is having multiple objects in one unifying package. No matter how different these objects are, they must breathe as one soul. With harmony, an interior space will feel calmer, more relaxed, and very well put together.

Idea 1. [model C-01]

Our designers preferred 3D panels of Wall Deco and brought their inner feelings and emotions into a physical object in a concrete and realistic form. This model is a culmination for those who want to create an impressive environment and turn any place into an elevated corner. Our designers used this model for a bedroom. Looks luxurious, right?

Idea 2. [model: PM-30]

Isn’t it blissful to come into a hygge corner like this after a hard-working, tiring day? This time our designers decided to implement Wall Deco’s 3D panels of Hexagon patterns with a protective layer. Printography. The black and white contrast is always in the style and adds the finishing touch to this cozy nook. Looks aspirational with an additional rock guitar. Just what we needed. Fits to any corner.

Idea 3. [model: B-39]

As a conversational way of designing an interior for music lovers, Wall Deco company offers bas-relief walls. This is a bespoke creation which reflects the great love of melomaniacs’ towards music. This distinctive model feels like a new music which effectively meets the purpose of design. The idea is the best solution to make the music in people’s head soundable in the air. It is great for restaurants, karaoke clubs, cafes, music halls or for houses if you are so keen on music.

Idea 4. [model: B-39]

This time our brilliant minds came up with an idea of creating an electric room which is marrying a musical orchestra and a whimsical scene of emotional faces on the wall. Spectacular interior accompanied with the lightning that stresses all the details and layers of emotions. Just turn on the light and You’ll hear the music. Fits with the interior of loft-style rooms, discussion rooms, pubs, clubhouses, jazz clubs, karaoke clubs and similar places.

Idea 5. [model: M-29]

Our designers consider a tailored 3D wall panel by Wall Deco as a quick fix option for those who prefer honest spaces. Have a look at repeating lines of the chosen wall panel that creates a constant movement within a space and, without realizing, your eyes will move to follow a pattern movement just like your ears listen to the rhythms of the music. This model is unique as it fits any interior։ from offices and public entertainment venues to bedrooms and living-rooms. This is perfect for having a rest and thinking. Here you can set free your ideas, define your life goals and compose whatever you are thinking about.

It is fascinating, how music and interior design can blend so well. What’s music for the ears is also bliss for the eyes.

Wall Deco’s 3D panels can easily complete any interior and design through the sensation, feeling and impression of a music.

So, what is your impression?

What kind of interior will You choose?