Office interior design: when the environment affects productivity

Productivity is based on several factors, one of which is the environment, the general atmosphere, and the design of the workplace.
It is possible to create an atmosphere that makes the staff do their best and enjoy the working process. Office design enhances or dampens the company culture and improves productivity while keeping everyone comfortable.
Of course, the design of the offices differs from field to field and considerations. The best way to design the office is to reflect the company's values through the design concept and make the workplace functional.
By following the trends in interior design, we have several ideas of how to design your office room interior.
Let’s go!

Go for eco-friendly materials!

Keeping everything eco-friendly and natural is one of the most popular trends in interior design you should follow. There are various ways to do that in the office interior.

First, you can use wood furniture and comfortable armchairs or sofas to create a work-friendly space.

Second, as eco-friendliness is a priority, then, in this case, choose gypsum 3D wall panels. They create accent walls and can be painted in any color.

If you are keen on wooden materials, then you can choose Printography. The same eco-friendly gypsum wall panels with protective layers, the textures of which elevate the room. The outer part of a layer can imitate wood material and match wooden furniture.

Third, add plants to the office interior.

Wall Panels 2 Wall Panels 3

As a result, the office feels accessible and promotes productivity creating a happier atmosphere for the working process.

Go for power!

When setting up your office, it would be a great idea to reflect the idol management system by adding personality to the office room. There are plenty of ways to go with this and design a dedicated workspace. However, a decorative gypsum bas-relief would be the most impressive one.

It may be a bas-relief portrait of a historical person, a celebrity, a politician, a businessman, or whoever motivates you.

People are more competent when they feel a connection of the soul with the atmosphere they work. The bas-relief portrait of an idol who boosts the feeling of power, success, and excitement will increase productivity and desire to work. It may also be a portrait of a person who has already become a genius in the field you work in and expresses the company’s values.

Wall Panels 5 Wall Panels 6

Some people are motivated by their idols, alternatively, others are inspired only by nature which is, in fact, the most significant source of power. And, with the desire to add the feeling of power to the office interior, the concept of nature is the variant that shouldn’t be missed out.

Here is the bas-relief La Vie (life, from French): an impressive 3D wall design idea presenting the symbol of life: the tree. This gypsum bas-relief looks marvelous for office interior design.

Go for bright and light

Bright, light office rooms are perfect places to think and create. For a bright office interior, it is better to choose natural colors for painting the walls or 3D wall panels because the soft palette is easy to build on, and it doesn’t distract you when you're getting the work done. Natural colors are easy to work with and keep the entire room balanced. In other words, neutral colors help to stay focused while elevating the style in the office.
Simple furniture and a wide-open window through which the daylight streams into the room, making to enjoy the working process in a bright and light office room.
The natural light creates a feeling of harmony by highlighting the accent 3D wall panels. All these keep the outlook wider and the person more concentrated.

Wall Panels 5 Wall Panels 6

On the whole, people spend much time of their day in a workspace, and it is of great importance to create a pleasant work environment that affects productivity and increases motivation.

With the rapidly evolving trends, there are plenty of variants of setting up an office room that will inspire you to get that last bit of work done but enjoy your surroundings while doing so.