Peut être peint
Respectueux de la nature
Résistant au feu
  • Prix: $ 4 (1 mètre de ligne)
  • Taille: 19 x 40 mm
  • Matériel: mélange de gypse
  • Poids: 1 mètre de ligne - 0.7 kg
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Gypsum details are great tools for giving uniqueness to residential or commercial interiors. Moldings of straight or figured configuration have the form of overhead strips. They can be mounted on the walls or ceilings. This gypsum decoration type is commonly used as a frame for different interior decors: mirrors, paintings or window and door openings, and even arches, or niches. Gypsum moldings elegantly harmonize with the atmosphere of luxurious mansions, offices, or apartments, decorated classicism, art nouveau, or rococo manners. Smooth designs are decorous for modern styles and are subsequently integrated into repeating vertical or horizontal blocks.

Functions of gypsum moldings in the interior:

  • create visual zoning of spacious areas;
  • hide finishing defects and docking joints;
  • smooth out contrasting color transitions;
  • effectively mask engineering communications;
  • paintable․
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