Peut être peint
Respectueux de la nature
Résistant au feu
  • Prix: $ 13 (1 mètre de ligne)
  • Taille: 120 x 160 mm
  • Matériel: mélange de gypse
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Gypsum cornices on the ceiling add harmony and place accents to the interior design composition. The main function of cornices is to conceal the junctions of walls and ceilings, mask defects or irregularities in the coating, change the interior space visually, and play with the height and volume of the room. Additionally, graceful gypsum decors create expressiveness in the room and emphasize the final design concept.

Advantages of the gypsum cornices:

  • versatility - laconic design and geometry of smooth cornices or cornices with ornaments successfully complement all interior styles;
  • eco-friendly material: the material is absolutely odorless, non-toxic, and does not result in allergies;
  • durability - reliable structures do not lose their characteristic properties even after many years of service;
  • paintable.
Wall Deco produces gypsum cornices of various sizes and shapes, ornamental or smooth, according to the dimensions of the walls and the ceiling. It is possible to order wide or narrow cornices from Wall Deco’s catalog or offer your design.