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Wall Deco is a designer-centered company and with this in mind, the company launched the Design Line project. This is an opportunity for designers to create their own models and decorate walls with bas-reliefs and 3D panels created according to their unique sketches. Working unitedly with architects and designers, our company’s catalog includes premium wall panels and bas-reliefs that successfully integrate with excellent performance and impeccable aesthetics. Each model from the Design Line collection is an unusual art piece serving as a visiting card for any commercial or residential interior.

Advantages of the models included in Design Line:

  • eco-friendly material,
  • utterly exclusive design existing only in our collection,
  • additional noise and heat insulation of the space,
  • paintable․
The fulfilled design ideas highlight the design concept and create unique interiors. Participation in the project and the cooperation with the Wall Deco brand opens up new perspectives for the authors themselves and allows receiving a stable income from the model's sales.