• Herstellerkürzel: B-30
  • Preis: $ 328 (1 m²)
  • Grösse: gemäß Bestellung
  • Relieftiefe: 20 mm
  • Material: Gips-Mischung
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The bas-relief is a relief sculpture on a smooth surface that completes the interior design. Bas-reliefs have been popular in decorating architectural structures since the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic Era). They have obtained more demand during this time. For now, we can, indeed, say that bas-reliefs are used by the most famous designers across the globe as a technique to get 3D images.
Wall Deco’s bas-reliefs are made of a high-quality gypsum mixture to get an eco-friendly, fire-resistant, and soundproofing material. As a result, our bas-reliefs are not only lightweight but also durable. Due to the material’s flexibility, Wall Deco company’s product range is full of designers' most creative and original ideas.

Benefits of gypsum bas-reliefs in the interior:

  • eco-friendly material
  • visually change interior’s architectural properties,
  • assist in visual zoning of a spacious interior,
  • emphasize the exclusivity of the interior and the customer’s delicate taste,
  • paintable․
Commonly, decorative bas-reliefs refer to mythologic scenes. Nevertheless, Wall Deco is ready to make products with trendy images of different themes, such as flora and fauna, portraits, or abstract prints.
Wall Deco company’s catalog of bas-reliefs is full of exquisite models that add liveliness, emotions, and impressiveness to any interior. We are the only manufacturing company in Armenia’s local market and the CIS territory, producing bas-reliefs of any complexity, according to the individual sizes and sketches.