قابل للكسر
مضاد للهب
صديقة للبيئة
قابل للطلاء
  • سعر: $ 61 (1 m²)
  • قياس: 600 x 350 x 40 mm
  • منطقة: 1 قطعة واحدة - 0.21 m²
  • عمق طبقات النحت: 30 mm
  • مواد: خليط جبسيني
  • وزن: 1 m² - 19.4 kg
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Wall Deco 3D wall panels are slabs in the form of different geometric shapes with bulging or deep images that give the wall some design effects. They perfectly replace traditional wallpaper, tiles, and paint, blending marvelous visual appeal with necessary functionality. The presence of wall panels with 3D effects in the interior creates accent walls, highlights the exclusivity of the space, and adds expressiveness to the interior. Aesthetics is not the only strong point of Wall Deco’s 3D panels. What we pay more attention to is the quality. Our 3D panels are made of a high-quality and enviranmentally friendly gypsum mixture to get a material that solves practical problems. 3D wall panels are used for creating accent walls and visual zoning and can be installed not only on the wall but also on the ceiling and columns.

Advantages of 3D wall panels for interior design:

  • eco-friendly material,
  • provide sound and heat insulation,
  • fire-resistant: do not fade under the action of ultraviolet radiation,
  • easy to repair,
  • paintable․
Wall Deco’s catalog of 3D wall panels fascinates with its assortment that varies from repeating wavy panels to geometric shapes and vertical lines: the latter makes the ceiling visually higher. Gypsum 3D wall panels create a stronger impression if the installation location is chosen correctly. They delicately change their outlines under the rays of artificial or natural daylight.