The possibility of using volumetric decorative panels in interior design has appeared not so long ago. The 3D  wall panels offered by WALL  DECO, the photos of which are presented in the gallery of our internet  shop have already become popular with the local  consumers. Available prices,  installation simplicity, excellent  maintenance  characteristics (durability, fire safety, heat and sound insulation) are very important criteria justifying the popularity of this facing material but they are not the only ones.

3D  wall panels in the interior make it possible to create really unique compositions: enormous number of relief patterns, texture and colours give endless possibilities for development of creative ideas.

Our volumetric panels supplemented with properly installed LED backlight can depict any landscape idea which will certainly become the highlight of any room.

Modern 3D panels (photos of many creative ideas can be found  on the internet) are often used while decorating children's rooms: realistic volumetric  patterns form  children's sense of perspective and benefit development of fantasy-the feature without which children's development can't be full.

In bedrooms 3D panels are mainly used above the bed's head creating islands of cosiness  and  comfort particularly when supplemented with corresponding lighting. In the kitchen this material is used both for apron facing and for dining area decoration. More popular kitchen decor ideas are floral patterns (flowers, leaves, stems, coffee beans and so on).

Being highly functional, practical and reliable 3D gypsum panels can be combined with any style and facing materials in the interior- metal, textile, wood, wallpaper. Those who purchased this material just to save finances and time  are certainly delighted with how wonderful their interior looks.

Those who are fond of classical style in the interior can use  3D panels imitating valuable sorts of wood or marble in their bedrooms; those who love modern style can prefer items imitating metal;  country style fans will certainly like gypsum panels with textile patterns.

Besides, gypsum 3D panels are often used for zoning of the rooms occupying some part of the wall. The partitions decorated with such modules make it possible to achieve volume effect which can't be achieved by any other methods. Another advantage of using gypsum 3D panels the photos, description and prices of which are mentioned in our internet-shop is the possibility of hiding the defects of surfaces. By the way, the space behind such panels can be used for hiding wires which often spoil interiors in  this epoch of total computerization.

And finally, 3D panels are used for visual changing of space perception: horizontal relief pattern can make the high room look more narrow, vertical lines combined with light colours will bring opposite effect. Changing the size, the form, the texture and colours can help solve various tasks referring to ideal interior design.



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